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EPEA Oct. 2021 Update #1

October Greetings! As the crisp air mingles with lingering summer heat, there are a few brief EPEA / EPPEA updates to share with all of you. Please take 2 minutes to make yourself familiar with them.


EP ONLINE and WORKLOAD MOUs: We will hold collaborative meetings with the district to discuss the topics, suggestions, concerns and/or inner details of both the EP Online and Workload topics. This is an excellent opportunity to use your voice for the EPEA! Please email Dominic Kirkpatrick with your interest in being on one of the committees today--please indicated on which committee you would like to serve. (October, January, March meetings).


If you updated your information for EPEA / EPPEA this past September, your new EPEA swag will be delivered to your building next week. Please check the times and locations to meet our distribution volunteers.

WEAR YOU EPEA GEAR MONDAY, OCTOBER 18th! Cedar Ridge: Mon. Oct 11, Media Center, 7:15-7:45 Tassel: Mon. Oct 11, Hand-delivered @ 9ish. Oak Point / Eagle Heights Spanish Immersion: Mon. Oct. 11, Media Center @ 2:20 - 3pm Forest Hills: Tues. Oct. 12, Media Center @ 7:15 - 7:45a CMS: Tues. Oct. 12, Media Center @ 8:30 -9am Lower Campus: Tues. Oct. 12, Hand-delivered @ 10am Eden Lake: Tues. Oct. 12, Media Center @ 3:15-3:45p EPHS: Wed. Oct. 13, Media Center @ 7:45-8:15 Prairie View: Wed. Oct. 13, Media Center @ 3:20-4pm If you miss the swag distribution, your shirt will be delivered via interoffice mail. If you did not order a shirt in the fall, another opportunity will come again soon.


The Eden Prairie Education Association and the Eden Prairie Preschool Education Association are proud to endorse Michelle Mattison as Eden Prairie School's next school board director. Ms. Mattison comes to the table with a well-rounded set of skills, education, perspective, and personal communication style that will well serve the Eden Prairie students, community, and staff into the future. Her leadership experiences highlight her commitment to all stakeholders. Her skills and experience provide a solid foundation for productive, healthy, and equity-minded board discussions. In addition, Ms. Mattison's career experiences serve as evidence of her passion to serve others while providing the needed perspective toward a positive trajectory of the school district. Simply put, Michelle Mattison clearly deserves the Eden Prairie Education Association's most coveted endorsement.


Every few years it is prudent to review the EPEA Constitution and Bylaws for areas that are in need of updates or procedural amendments. With the advent of virtual meetings, electronic voting, and guidance from Education Minnesota, the time for review has come. We will need four individuals who are willing to spend a day reviewing, analyzing, and making suggestions that will go to Rep. Congress. Lunch and a substitute for a release day will be provided for you. Please let Dominic Kirkpatrick know of your interest.

EPEA STAFF NEEDED There are a few positions available to serve your fellow EPEA members. Please consider stepping into a much-needed and much-appreciated role. * SITE REPRESENTATIVE: There are a few sites that need your leadership ability to represent them in delivering and receiving information and feedback. If you are a part of the sites below, please consider serving: Oak Point, Forest Hills, Lower Campus, EP Online, Tassel. * ENGAGEMENT COORDINATOR: Through a large grant, EPEA will be hosting several events this year that need a bit of organizational support. The engagement coordinator would help the EPEA President in prepping for the events: Day of Gratitude, 100th Day Sweet Celebration, EPEA Stand Up Week, etc. * MEMBER RIGHTS ADVOCATE TRAINEE: A member's rights advocate is a specially trained individual who has expertise in the rights of members and walks alongside members in delicate situations (directives, discipline, law violations, etc). We are looking to add to the team which involves 3 pieces of training and 1 year of side-by-side mentorship. Ultimately, we would like to add 1 secondary level and 1 elementary level advocate to our team. All positions involve a yearly stipend and a whole bushel of gratitude from all of us. Please contact Dominic Kirkpatrick for more information on any of the roles.


It is that time of year again! For those who have earned a continuing contract (tenure), it is now time to verify the accuracy of the seniority list. Please ensure the following pieces of information are accurate: Name, date of hire, date of seniority, all license areas, file folder #. Please repost and discrepancies to Brenda Nielsen in HR.


ESI is hosting an informational session regarding retirement for those who want to gain additional information/perspective when it comes to TRA and TSA. Join Michael Erickson on November 4th at 4:15pm for a Zoom call.

When considering retirement, one's plan for insurance / VEBA is something to factor into one's decision. There will be a live session in the future, but anyone can access last year's recorded session now to gain perspective.

Thank you, EPEA! More to come. Dominic

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