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EPEA Oct. 2021 Update #2

MEA is almost here! Before we head out for our much-needed break, here are a few highlights related to retro pay, school board elections, and ways EPEA is advocating during this continuing challenging time!


In previous newsletters information regarding retro pay was missing an important detail: For EPEA members who worked ON A STRETCH CALENDAR this summer after July 1, your retro pay following the new contract will appear on the Sept. 30th paycheck. Those who did curriculum writing, summer school, or training this summer should not receive retro pay, as the contract for those financial improvements had not been ratified. My sincerest apologies for the unclear communication/miscommunication that came to you. For EPPEA members who worked in EPS for the 2020-2021 school year, your retro pay should still be reflected on the Oct. 15th paycheck.


All are encouraged to submit input for the district-wide employee engagement survey. This survey was developed by an outside entity, and the district uses these results for future systems planning. If you did not receive access to take this survey, please contact Amy Fox in HR, and she can send a new link to you.


In the previous EPEA newsletter, reasons to support Michelle Mattison for the EPS school board election were provided. Knowing that many EPEA/EPPEA members live outside Eden Prairie, we

wanted to provide additional information for those school districts also.

Please click the link below to see election details for many metro-area districts: 2021: Metro Area Elections Where do you vote? What will my ballot look like?

MEA: Education Minnesota Online / In-person Learning Available:

For those who are interested in continuing education credits for relicensure, Education Minnesota offers many free online, at your pace courses. All re-licensure topics are available. In addition during MEA break, Education Minnesota is offering both in-person and zoom courses. More information can be found on the Education Minnesota website.


EPEA leadership, site reps, and MRA staff are continually advocating for concerns that are raised regarding workload concerns, COVID response, quarantine protocols, Schoology expectations, and insufficient staffing--to name a few. We appreciate you bringing your concerns to your site reps to begin the process of advocacy. We are working for you EPEA! You can advocate also: If you have specifics to share that will help advocate for either of our upcoming MOU committee meetings, please use the links below to add your thoughts. EP Online MOU Committee Feedback: Workload MOU Committee Feedback:


 ESI is hosting an informational session regarding retirement for those who want to gain additional information/perspective when it comes to TRA and TSA. Join Michael Erickson on November 4th at 4:15pm for a Zoom call. Sign up for Nov. 4th TRA / TSA Retirement Session  When considering retirement, one's plan for insurance / VEBA is something to factor into one's decision. There will be a live session in the future, but anyone can access last year's recorded session now to gain perspective.  View the Insurance / VEBA Information Session

Thank you, EPEA! I can't wait to see all the EPEA gear on Monday, October 18th! Dominic

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