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Negotiations Update #1: June 22

Happy Summer EPEA!

We wanted to provide a brief update to our negotiations process.

  1. EPEA negotiators met for 9 hours in preparation for the bargaining table:

  • review prioritization feedback from membership (#1 increase salary, #2 workload, #3 working conditions/benefits)

  • identify categories where improvements are sought

  • review surrounding district comparative language and financials

  • review new legislation

  • consider EdMN guidance

  • write proposals for contract changes

2. EPEA team met with the District for the first negotiations meeting:

  • Introductions.

DISTRICT TEAM: Dr. Carla Hines (Asst Sup), Dr. Robb Virgin (Personalized Learning), Jason Mutzenberger (Finance), Tom May (HR), CJ Strehl (School Board), Aaron Casper (School Board), Steve Bartz (School Board)

TEACHER TEAM: Charles Cooper, Rhett Larson, Mira Martin, Michelle Rada, Dominic Kirkpatrick (observing), Eric Herrmann (EdMN guidance)

  • Review norms

  • Review settlement history

  • Discuss base costing

  • Present first set of contract proposals

3. Negotiation Schedule:

Every Monday and Wednesday morning (8-11am) throughout the summer (excluding July 4th week) at ASC.

We will provide more details as the summer work progresses

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