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Ratification Meeting and EPEA / EPPEA Website and Updates

Thank you for attending the EPEA or EPPEA ratification meeting earlier today. The contract information shared represents positive steps forward in our profession, and we invite you to take some time to review the ratification documents before the Ratification Vote on Thursday, September 2nd. To go directly to the Ratification Documents follow the provided Links:

New EPEA / EPPEA Website:

In order to unify and inform our organization, a new website was developed over the summer. The site will house EPEA newsletters, upcoming events and registration links, our system of support (who to contact when), official documents, meeting schedules, and more.

From this point forward, official communication will come to your personal email address. This eliminates the possibility of data requests from the public, and it secures our communication off of the EPS email server.

Some of the tabs on the website are "open" to whoever has the URL; however, the website utilizes a members'-only tab, which requires you to log in using the following information:

Login: Your PERSONAL email address

Password: Your employee number

** note: if your employee number is only 3 digits, add a zero before #.

**note: if you are unsure of your employee #, it can be located on

Employee Access, or contact your EPEA President

If you have any further questions regarding the website, please contact EPEA President, Dominic Kirkpatrick.

Update your Information:

If you have not already updated your information including your site, FTE, or shirt size for accuracy in meeting invites, dues deductions, and ordering of EPEA gear, please do so by Thursday, September 2nd.

Additional Updates:

SpEd Impact: Later in the legislative session, a new law was passed to address the learning losses those on an IEP may have experienced. In short, districts MUST invite the parents/guardians of students receiving special education services to a meeting to determine if a student experienced learning or skill loss as a result of the pandemic and if additional services or supports are necessary to address any losses. More information can be found here.

Ratification Vote: On Thursday morning, September 2, 2021, you will receive an email with your one-of-a-kind voting link for the simple, one-question vote to either accept or reject the tentative agreement for ratification. According to our current EPEA Constitution, Article XIII-Section 2, at least 33% of our members must participate in the ratification vote to constitute a quorum. The result is valid with a majority vote. If you have questions or concerns related to the Ratification Vote, please contact VP Nate Gabel.

Voting power on Thursday!



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