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December 2022 Update #1: December 1

Hello EPEA! We hope the start of the winter months is finding you healthy. Please review the following updates and make sure you review your seniority listing to ensure its accuracy. Previous newsletters can be found here.


Per our EPEA contract (Article XII, Section 5, Subd 2) anyone listed within the seniority list has 15 days from the day it was posted (by December 13) to contact HR with any errors that are to be corrected. Your first appearance on the seniority list is the first year you have continuing contract status ("tenure"). An email from HR should have prompted you to check your information.

Please check the following:

1) license(s) listed

2) original hire date

3) seniority date

If any errors exist, please contact Brenna Kelley (Secondary/Tassel), Camille Hallen (Elementary) or Morgan Kopka (EC) via email.


The EPEA begins its negotiations process this December with the selection of EPEA negotiators. Persons interested in interviewing for a negotiator role should express interest to Dominic Kirkpatrick by Dec. 1st. Interviews will be held on Monday, December 12th.

The interview process will involve a short pre-conversation interest questionnaire followed by a 15 minute conversation with the EPEA Executive Board on Dec. 12.

For those interested, the following information will provide more insight:

- 2-year commitment - $2300 - $4000 stipend (depending on experience and role)

- Jan. 20/21 negotiations training - April - May listening sessions with EPEA members

- May strategy/prioritize meetings - June - August negotiations sessions with district (1-2 times per week)

- Host ratification meeting - Help conduct ratification voting event

- Participant in Labor Management - Serve as a contract expert for all of EPEA


Recently the Insurance Committee met to get an update regarding the current usage and balance of funds within our self-insured medical and dental funds. To date, xxxxxxx

In addition, the QComp Steering committee met to discuss criteria for the upcoming approval of PLC team goals, reviewed the updated questions to reflect upon after receiving Panoramic results, and highlighted areas of the QComp MOU that may require additional clarity or attention. Further, the committee learned more about the protocols and information that will be added to the TD&E handbook related to the Professional Improvement Plan process (more information below).

The Meet and Confer Committee will meet a couple of times in December to solidify conference dates for the 2023-24 school year, discuss the goals and objectives of the August and September "Open House/Curriculum Night" events, and make recommendations for future parent/family events that occur early in the year.

In addition, the EP Online Committee will come together once again in December to prepare for the next meeting with district administration.

If there are any insights you want to have included within these topics, please pass those on to a committee member or Dominic Kirkpatrick.

TD&E Updates:

For those who are continuing contract educators ("tenured" teachers), there is one process of the QComp observation process that was not published within the TD&E Guidebook. This process requires districts to allow for a period of time for educators to engage in a professional improvement process if it is found an individual did not meet proficiency in all areas within their summative year. *Note: educators may also demonstrate proficiency with a second summative observation, by using artifacts or accompanying evidence, or through a portfolio--if skills were not observable during the administrative observation.

The addition of the Professional Improvement Process to the TD&E Guidebook will cover the intent of the process, an example of what the plan may look like, and the next steps following the plan duration. To learn more information regarding the MN State Statute 122A.40 Subd 8 (12), please use this link. The updated TD&E Guidebook should be available for your view soon. To catch a glimpse of the Performance Improvement Plan information, please view the document below. Further questions can be directed to your QComp Coach/Observer.

Teacher Performance Improvement Process
Download PDF • 191KB

NEXT SWAG DAY: December 19

Monthly SWAG DAYs are one way to show our unity to our community and one simple way to say "I am the Union."

If you are in need of SWAG, please connect with Dominic Kirkpatrick with the size you prefer (when deciding between 2 sizes, it is recommended to pick the bigger size).

Mark your calendars with future SWAG DAYS: Dec 19, Jan 23, Feb 13, Mar 13, Apr 17, May 22

100th Day Celebration: February

Looking ahead, EPEA will have a few events to bring us together, boost our unity, and prepare us for the future. One of our upcoming events occurs in February: "100th Day of School Sweet Celebration." Additional events occur during our EPEA Union Week.

Much sentiment of thanks goes out to Jess Kast (EPHS) and Joanne Peterson (EPHS), who are our new Engagement Coordinators. They are planning all the events for the rest of the year.

Thank you for "Being the Union" through your support of each other, your inquiries to your Site Representatives, and your willingness to add your voice to the conversation.

Take care, and please reach out to your site rep when concerns or questions arise.

In service,


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