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EPEA April 2022 Update #1: (April 6)

Happy April Everyone! As we usher in a new month, we hope you had an enjoyable Spring Break and have recouped physical, mental, and emotional energy. There are a few updates related to retirement planning, Rule of 90 Action, UNION WEEK, and Education Minnesota Rep. Convention.

PLANNING YOUR FUTURE: One of the many things Education Minnesota ESI Member Benefits provides for members are informational seminars. We will be holding a When Can I Afford to Retire virtual seminar on April 11 from 6-7 p.m. for Education Minnesota members whose locals are serviced out of the SW Metro field office. This seminar will focus on those with a TRA pension. During your working career, your income comes from your salary. In retirement, your income comes

from three sources; a pension, Social Security, and other savings you have such as a 403(b). Whether you are an early career educator or nearing retirement, this seminar has valuable information for you. Attending a When Can I Afford to Retire seminar will:

  • Provide a general overview of defined benefit pensions·

  • Increase member level of understanding of retirement benefits·

  • Assist members with next steps for future planning

Please register here if you plan to attend.


Only 2,179 people have taken action on emailing legislators and Governor Walz about the Rule of 90. It would be amazing if you could all advocate. Flood the inboxes with the Rule of 90 emails! Rule of 90 will not be viewed as an important item unless more people advocate for it. Please spread the word to your educator friends to TAKE ACTION as well! It takes less than a minute of time. Click on the link:

EPEA Leader Dominic Kirkpatrick and Organizing for Settlement Chairwoman Linda Enck have been working hard to prepare for the upcoming "Union Week: Strengthening our Community." There are various ways each member can engage in our week-long events. We encourage everyone to participate in at least one event.

1. Swag Day: (Mon. Apr. 18th) Wear your EPEA/EPPEA gear

2. Food Drive: (All Week). Help feed our students/families for the summer *See attached list

3. Negotiator Listening Session: (Wed. Apr. 20th) Share your contract improvement hopes

4. Pledge Card: (Thur. Apr. 21): Pledge to vote in the 2022 election process

5. EPEA Scholarship Fund: (Now through April 22). Donate to the EPEA Scholarship Fund

In conjunction with our Union Week events, EPEA is holding 2 raffles.

1. EPEA Scholarship Fund Raffle: Each $5 donation earns you a "raffle ticket" that you can apply to the prize of your choice (6 prize packages available). Each prize has a minimum of $75 value.

2. Union Week Engagement Raffle: Each event you participate in during union week gets you entered into the "Engagement Raffle." You could win a $50 Visa Gift Card.

To prepare for our Union Week, you can address some items now:

1. Review the most needed summer food items PROP placed on the list below

2. Make a team/PLC run to your local warehouse store to secure a needed item.

3. Locate and ready your EPEA / EPPEA Swag

4. Review the EPEA / EPPEA contract and jot down ideas for improvements for the listening session.

5. Review the donation tutorial video to know what to expect from the digital donation platform.

6. Donate to EPEA Scholarship Fund now - April 22.

7. Review your personal "why"-- why voting in this next election is important.

Education Minnesota Rep. Convention:

Education Minnesota will hold its annual Representative Convention on April 22-23. Proposals to amendments for the EdMn Constitution and Bylaws (involving dues), elections, and all things union will be discussed on April 22-23. Eden Prairie Education Association will send 4 delegates to represent EPEA's voice in proposed amendments, elections, and other discussions. Thanks goes out to Jamie Alsleben, Brent Bovitz, Nate Gabel, and Joanne Peterson for representing EPEA.

If you missed any of the previous newsletters, feel free to view them on our "Newsletter" page of the Member Resources tab.

We are looking forward to Union Week: Strengthening our Community.

Please reach out to your site leader as your first level of support should you need it.

In Service,

Dominic and your EPEA leadership team

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