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EPEA December 2021 Update #2

Happy Snowy Greetings EPEA and EPPEA!

Before we head out for a much-deserved winter break, there are a few points of interest to note for the good of all:

Recorded Retirement Videos:

For those who were not able to attend one of the retirement sessions due to scheduling conflicts, below are the links for any member to watch.

VEBA and Insurance Information: 12/9/21

TRA and TSA (403b) Information: 11/4/21

Slide Deck Below

When Can I Afford to Retire Retirement Seminar Presentation-Teachers101521
Download PDF • 2.07MB

Additional Retirement Resources and Links: EPS Website Page

Member Rights Advocate Training Coming Soon:

Interested in serving your colleagues in union matters? Passionate about employee rights? The EPEA is currently seeking to expand its Member Rights Advocate (MRA) team. If you are an individual who is interested in learning more about union members' rights and learning the tools needed to serve members in all aspects of contract and/or disciplinary situations, a three-part online course is available to get you started. This course is an excellent insight into the "behind the scenes" aspect of union support while supplying the first step of being a part of the respected MRA team of the EPEA. If interested in learning more, please review the brochure provided or reach out to a current MRA (Laura Halloran, Dominic Kirkpatrick, Carla Thompson).

MRA I II III Flyer - Winter 2022
Download PDF • 736KB

EPEA Senior Scholarship Award:

On December 20th, the EPEA Education Scholarship will be included within the EPHS Multi-Scholarship opportunity for seniors. The $1000 scholarship will be awarded to one individual who intends to study and enter into the education career field. Special consideration will be given to children of EPEA / EPPEA members. Please promote the scholarship amongst your EPHS students pursuing a career in education. The application deadline is February 7, 2022. The scholarship will be awarded at the May 19th awards ceremony.

EPEA Shirts, Celebration and Unity:

Those who completed the EPEA Update by 12/6 should receive their EPEA shirt by the end of this week. Please check in with your Site Reps to know what day is your monthly designated day to wear your EPEA gear to show unity.

Watch for more information for our next union celebration day coming in February: "100th day Sweet Celebration."

Let's continue to "Sweetly Stick Together" in support of all members, their work, and their concerns.


Student Contact Time: There were three elementary schools that were identified as having schedules that were over on student contact time according to the EPEA Collective Bargaining Contract (320 minutes/day- averaged per week). EPEA leaders and District administration are working on the resolution and implementation of those resolutions in those school buildings.

Little Eagles / ECSE: With the move of Little Eagles 4-year-old preschool to elementary schools this school year, topics of space, resources, staffing levels, communication, and safety protocols are topics of discussion between EPEA / EPPEA and district administration.

Workload and EP Online MOU Committees: Both committees meet again in early January to discuss aspects of those specific topics, seek understanding of all perspectives, and express desires/goals in support of staff and students.

EPEA Website:

Additional information, including past newsletters, can be located on the EPEA/EPPEA website

To log into the members-only pages, you need two pieces of data:

Email: your private email address

Password: this is your employee number

Wishing you and yours a wonderful break replete with health, joy, safety, and love!



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