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EPEA February 2022 Update #2 (2/17/22)

Happy Presidents' Day!

As we make our way into our extended weekend (and recover from the sugar load of the morning caramel rolls) there are a few reminders as we head into the end of February.

Please take note of our upcoming EPEA/EPPEA election, Mn Legislative Session information, staffing timelines, upcoming negotiations, available subs, and position opportunities.


Our EPEA / EPPEA annual election will be held electronically on Monday, February 28 from 7am - 5pm. All members will receive an email to their school email (check your "other" box) and will have to supply your employee# to have access to vote.

Please refer any questions to VP Nate Gabel.

EPPEA Negotiators and Negotiations:

If you are a preschool teacher interested in serving in the rewarding role of a negotiator, please reach out to Dominic Kirkpatrick by Feb. 28th. The next step in the process will be negotiation conversations with the Exec. Board in order to finalize the negotiating team in March. Listening sessions will be hosted by the chosen negotiators in April, and the negotiations process most likely will begin in May.

Get-Out-The-Vote: MN Leg Session

There are many moves our MN legislators are making that directly affect public education. In the mix, Education Minnesota is partnering with them in the effort to promote public education and protect our collective bargaining rights. To learn more about the priorities Education Minnesota has during the current session click on this link.

In addition, EPEA is seeking a "Get-out-the-vote" leader position that will assist our EPEA/EPPEA union in growing awareness and preparing us for a successful election season for the benefit of public education and our students. Please connect with Dominic Kirkpatrick if you are interested in the position. Learn more about the position on the Education Minnesota website GOTV page.

STAFFING TIMELINES: Repeated Information

Here are the upcoming timelines to note:

Mar 4: Involuntary transfer notification

ROUND 1: (Mar 7-11) Positions open for tenured staff within the same building. Request to building principal or program supervisor.

ROUND 2: (Mar 14-18) Positions open for tenured staff between buildings. Request goes to new building principal or program supervisor.

Mar 28: Notice of release of probationary teachers

ROUND 3: (Apr 4) Positions open for all internal and external applicants

Q-Comp Coach / Observer Postings:

Applications are now open for internal applicants to fill two Q-Comp coach / observer positions. The application deadline is Thursday, February 24th. More information about the position as well as the online application can be found on the Eden Prairie Applitrack site.


To continue to address the need for subs, EPS will extend the efforts to have additional subs at each building. In the month of March, each building will retain two of the 'additional' subs placed at the buildings during the Covid surge. Therefore, each building will have 4 subs available daily until April 1st. EPS will continue to monitor sub needs and will adjust the timing and number as the current needs change.

Wishing you a restful extended weekend!


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