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EPEA March 2022 Update #2: (3/10/22)

Happy Anticipation of Spring Break!

A much-needed break is on the horizon for us. Before we find ourselves enjoying our own version of break, there are a few topics to note: updated ROUND information, future health care and VEBA news, support for Minneapolis Federation of Teachers, and upcoming Union Week.


Here are the upcoming timelines to note:

Mar 4: Involuntary transfer notification

ROUND 1: (Mar 7-11) Positions open for tenured staff within the same building. Request to building principal or program supervisor.

ROUND 2: (Mar 14-18) Positions open for tenured staff between buildings. Applitrak will hold a short form to fill out for a ROUND 2 transfer. All Internal positions will be listed on Applitrak also.

Mar 28: Notice of release of probationary teachers

ROUND 3: (Apr 4) Positions open for all internal and external applicants. Applitrak will hold the forms and listings of positions available.

Note: The transfer process to another position or building will likely involve an interview/conversation and managerial right of assignment.

RESIGNATIONS: YEAR 1 of contract by April 1, YEAR 2 of contract by July 15


Representatives from the District Insurance Committee have walked through the process of seeking insurance bids, evaluating options, and making recommendations for our insurance needs in the coming 2 school years. As a result of this work, we are pleased to announce that for the 2022 - 2023 school year our premiums will experience a 0% increase for medical, dental, and life insurance premiums. Our insurance providers remain Health Partners for medical and DeltaDental for dental. No service provider changes will occur for life/disability as well.

Open Enrollment Dates for any changes you would like to make for your plan are April 2- May 6.

A big thank you to Jodie Flolid (secondary), Rhett Larson (elementary), and Dominic Kirkpatrick (District Wide) for service on the Insurance Committee.


Further, who currently holds our unit's VEBA money (Q-Comp Post Employment and "3 for Free" Health Spending Account) has had an ownership change. As a result, Further will no longer be able to serve as our VEBA account holder. This coming summer, all VEBAs will be transitioning to One Bridge Benefits.

This will result in a short window of time of a 'blackout' period when claims will be suspended for the transition to occur. Advanced warning and additional details regarding this automated transfer of VEBA dollars will be coming later this spring from our HR benefits specialists.

Supporting MFT:

Some individuals have asked how we can help support the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers at this time. Rep. Congress will also address how EPEA / EPPEA can support our colleagues in Minneapolis at their next meeting. For more information on the kinds of support that can be shown, please see the options below:


The coming 2022 election is very important for the health of public schools in Minnesota. There is a lot of jockeying for positions, and as a result legislative decisions. In the coming months, EPEA will highlight the significance of the upcoming local, state and national seats; EPEA will draw attention to the issues that will aid or harm public education and our collective bargaining rights; and EPEA will ask for you to take small actions (and one big one--VOTE), so that educator voices are represented and public schools are strengthened. Coming up in April: the importance of the election and your "pledge to vote" in the 2022 election.


The week of April 18-22 is our Union Week: "Strengthening our Community." During this week, EPEA/EPPEA members can donate food, specifically tailored to summer family needs. Look for donation ideas in the near future. Food donations will be delivered to EP's PROP.


Also during our Union Week: Strengthening our Community," EPEA/EPPEA will be collecting donations for the EPEA Scholarship Fund, in hopes to expand our impact for seniors pursuing a career in education. As an added bit of fun, all those who donate toward the scholarship fund will be entered into a prize raffle: Gift cards, products, and experiences. Huge thanks to Linda Enck for the coordination and planning that is going into April 18-22 festivities!


On Wednesday, April 20th, your contract negotiators will host a Zoom listening session as to what contract items you would like to see improved in the next round of negotiations. Please look for reminders to "Pop-in" to the session as time grows nearer.


During our April Union Week, each time you participate in a union event, you are entered into a Union Week Participant Raffle. List of Raffle Prizes to come! Stay tuned for the fun!

Wishing you all a blessed Spring Break!

EPEA Leadership

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