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EPEA Sept. 2021 Update #1

I hope this finds you healthy and enjoying the back-to-school excitement that walked through the doors this week. As the school year begins, EPEA leadership continues to work on your behalf this September in the following ways: School board candidate screening, payroll and business office coordination, planning for retirement events, member rights advocacy, organizing site meetings and communication, grant writing, coordination with Education Minnesota, conference format committee work, EP Online and Co-curricular committee formation, and EPEA president site visits. EPEA is here for you! If you have a question or concern, please reach out to a member of the EPEA leadership team.


Following are a few updates worth reviewing:

Update your Information!

A huge thank you to those who have already updated your information for accuracy moving forward in the following areas:

- Building: correct EPEA invites

- FTE: for correct dues amounts

- Shirt Size: to get new EPEA gear

- EPO status: to study EP Online

(you need to be logged into School Google)

Paychecks and Retro Pay:

Paychecks: Beginning on the Sept. 15th paycheck, all earnings should be reflected according to the newly ratified contracts. Any errors or inquiries can be reported to Elise Lieberthal in the Business Office.

Retro Pay: For EPEA members who worked this summer after July 1, your retro pay following the new contract will appear on the Sept. 30th paycheck. For EPPEA members who worked in EPS for the 2020-2021 school year, your retro pay will be reflected on the Oct. 15th paycheck.

403B and Retirement Planning:

For those who are new(er) to a Tax Sheltered Annuity (403B) or would like to learn more to start or make adjustments to one, please join one of the TSA providers as he gives an overview and answer your questions regarding this district match investment benefit. September 14 at 4:15 via Zoom. Click to sign up below.

In addition, those who are planning or thinking about planning retirement and are looking for insights, planning steps, or guidelines involving TSA, please join on November 4 at 4:15 via Zoom for some information. Click to sign up below.

Site Meetings:

EPEA Site Representatives will be setting up a schedule of site meetings in the coming weeks. Site Meetings typically occur within 2 weeks of Representative Congress and provide members an opportunity to hear EPEA "business" information and updates, hear site news, ask questions / express concerns, and connect with others. Please watch for notifications forthcoming of future site meetings.

* Note: Lower Campus/Tassel and EPO are in need of EPEA Site Representatives. If you are interested, please contact Dominic Kirkpatrick.

Thank you for placing your trust in EPEA to serve you to the fullest. If ever there is a question of concern, please reach out!

Wishing you continued September blessings,


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