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Negotiations Update #2: July 5

Happy July EPEA!

We wanted to provide another brief update to our negotiations process.

1. EPEA negotiators have agreed on "base costing" with the district

  • this allows both parties to operate under the same set of numbers when considering financial proposals and the impact to the bottom line.

2. EPEA team has introduced a number of 'work load' related proposals:

  • Additional Activities and Special Events

  • Prep time improvements for elementary staff

  • Define/protect Prep Time

  • Define Student Contact Time

3. EPEA team has/will introduced language to follow new state legislation:

  • Continuing contract rights for ECFE staff

  • Safety and hazard leave

  • Early learner and PreK staff

  • probationary period adjustment and # of days counting as a year

  • Increase personal day accrual

4. EPEA team is finalizing proposals that relate to compensation/benefits

To date, 2 MN school districts have settled contracts:

  • Randolph: 9.24% yr 1; 2.27% yr 2

  • Big Lake: 2.1% yr 1; 2.47% yr 2

3. Negotiation Schedule:

Every Monday and Wednesday morning (8-11am) throughout the summer (excluding July 4th week) at ASC.

We will provide more details as the summer work progresses.

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