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Nov. 2021 Update #2: Nov. 11, 2021

Hello EPEA and EPPEA!

We hope this finds you in good health and sweetly marking the conclusion of our first quarter of the school year. Please stay informed and note a few happenings highlighted below.


Both the Workload and the EP Online committees, formed as a result of negotiators' efforts in bargaining, have presented their well-prepared comments to our district administrative team. Serving all of EPEA, these committee members have represented our collective concerns and viewpoints, and have made strides toward better working conditions.

As a result of EPEA leadership and the Workload Committee work, the November 12th PD Day format allows for more teacher-directed professional time, Inspire Choice initiative has been delayed, remote work for secondary grade day is now allowable, greater awareness of daily tasks at each level are recognized, and choices/greater flexibility in CIC work. More to come...

As a result of the EPEA leadership and the EP Online Committee work, protocols and resources for serving kiddos with needed SpEd services are now a priority, and secondary staff who are teaching per the MOU this school year will receive compensation for all the students they serve, not just those who receive credit at the end of the term. More to come...

Please thank your colleagues for their willingness to serve on an MOU committee...go union!

Committee members: Jackie Ahlers (CMS), Jill Boyd (EPHS), Kate Fullmer (EPHS), Jennifer Gilligan (EL), Dominic Kirkpatrick (DW), Lori Lewis (EPO), Meggie McGuire (EPHS), Roxy Myhre (EPHS), Jill O'Toole (CR), Pam Perrine (EL), Amanda Rubelin (EPHS), Erin Watt (CMS), Dan Wright (PV).


Calling all Preschool Teachers under the EPPEA bargaining agreement! An informational, "planning ahead for retirement" session designed especially for ESPs is scheduled. Whether you have just started your career or have a few years remaining in it, the information will be valuable. Click the box below to register for the November 30 zoom event.

Eden Prairie Schools is hosting a VEBA and insurance information Zoom session on December 9 at 3:45. This will be recorded for anyone unable to attend. If you want to learn how to maximize your Q-Comp/or Insurance-related VEBA account for future retirement, this is the session for you. Other topics will address unused flex dollars at retirement, the retirement incentive and how to use VEBA account post-employment. Stay tuned for the official Zoom Link.


Each year a team of EPEA members must come together to audit the expenditures of the previous fiscal year for accountability and tax purposes. The audit team of Vic Penguilly (PV), Andy Malone (CMS), and Michelle Rada (EPHS) recently completed the audit of the time period of September 1, 2020 - August 31, 202. Their summary report and the expenditure activity reports can be viewed on the official documents page of the EPEA website using the button below.

Be bold in the care of yourself this month! Reach out to your site reps as your first step of advocacy, show up to your site meetings, share your solutions/ideas, and be an active EPEA member!

In service,


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