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November 2022 Update #2: November 18

Turkey day is coming! We hope your November and the beginning of the second term are going well. Please read on for important happenings in advocacy for our profession. All previous newsletters can be viewed here.


New into law, parents must be informed of all the technology software applications used within the classroom. Part of this law requires districts to provide parents with access to licensing agreements regarding how student data is collected, created, stored, and released. Of course, this includes software and curriculum companies from which the school district purchases licensing agreements: Campus, Schoology, Fastbridge, etc. However, this also includes all apps and online tools used as a part of your class activities or coursework. If you are using any apps that you know require a login creation or store any student data in any way, please make sure Alex Townsend (Dir. of Technology) and Lisa Biro (Dir. of Curriculum and Learning) are aware of the app and can secure any licensing agreement information needed to be compliant with MS 13.


The EPEA begins its negotiations process this December with the selection of EPEA negotiators. Persons interested in interviewing for a negotiator role should express interest to Dominic Kirkpatrick by Dec. 1st. Interviews will be held on Monday, December 12th.

The interview process will involve a short pre-conversation interest questionnaire followed by a 15 minute conversation with the EPEA Executive Board on Dec. 12.

For those interested, the following information will provide more insight:

- 2-year commitment - $2300 - $4000 stipend (depending on experience and role)

- Jan. 20/21 negotiations training - April - May listening sessions with EPEA members

- May strategy/prioritize meetings - June - August negotiations sessions with district (1-2 times per week)

- Host ratification meeting - Help conduct ratification voting event

- Participant in Labor Management - Serve as a contract expert for all of EPEA


Recently the EPEA Workload and Labor Management Committees met to explore areas of concern and how collaboration with district administration might help mitigate those topics: sub shortage, Schoology template expectations, printing and technology supports, staff serving multiple buildings, activities beyond the school day, district plan once ESSR funds are used, and re-entry processes of students removed from class/building.

Coming up later this month or in early December are the Q-Comp Steering and Insurance Committees.


For those of you who have expressed concerns regarding the laptop you are currently issued, Alex Townsend (Director of Technology) indicated to the workload committee that new laptops will be issued to staff beginning in early December. More information regarding the timetable of when your site will go through the process to transition to a new laptop device will be forthcoming.


As a reminder, it is to individuals' benefit to not associate personal social media accounts with Eden Prairie Schools. For example, you can indicate you are an educator, but it is not advisable to indicate you are an educator at EPS (apart from Linkedin for professional purposes). In addition, it is vital you do not engage with students who happen to "stumble on" your personal social media accounts. Please consider the level of privacy settings (how easy is it for the general public to find you and/or engage in communication unsolicited?). If you have any further questions regarding your social media platforms and the steps that are advised to make clear distinctions between personal and professional, please reach out to your Member Rights Advocate (Carla Thompson- secondary; Laura Halloran-elementary; Domnic Kirkpatrick Tassel/EC).

NEXT SWAG DAY: November 21

Monthly SWAG DAYs are one way to show our unity to our community and one simple way to say "I am the Union."

If you are in need of SWAG, please connect with Dominic Kirkpatrick with the size you prefer (when deciding between 2 sizes, it is recommended to pick the bigger size).

Mark your calendars with future SWAG DAYS: Dec 19, Jan 23, Feb 13, Mar 13, Apr 17, May 22

As we gear up for our Thanksgiving break and Gratitude Day, I want to extend my humbled awe in all you do to support the students in our community. Your inspiration, hard work, and dedication are what drive this "machine" called Eden Prairie Schools. Thank you for your continued support to one another and your actions that display our collective "We are the Union."

Happy Thanksgiving!


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