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October 2022 Update #1: October 7

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

Happy October, EPEA! Here are a few fall updates and timely tips in the world of Eden Prairie Education Association. All previous newsletters can be viewed here.


For those who applied for the Frontline Worker relief, those payments could be seen next week. Approved applicants who chose to receive payment via ACH direct deposit will see funds within 7-10 business days from Oct. 5th. Those who chose to receive payment via debit card should see it in the mail within three to four weeks. Do you have additional questions? Click for a FAQ.


There is one more opportunity for members to receive training on the loan forgiveness options currently available for educators. Our Degrees Not Debt class will be offered in-person at 1:15 p.m. and virtually at 2:30 p.m. at our MEA conference on Oct. 20. Register here!

Members who cannot attend either synchronous class can view a recording of our most recent training via MEA Online. The recorded webinar is titled “UPDATED Degrees Not Debt w/ Cancellation information 8.30.22” (90 Mins).


For those of us who do not live within the Eden Prairie School District and are wondering how other education associations are supporting their local ballot candidates and questions, please use this link to see other districts. Not all districts have yet contributed to the list, so please check back if you do not see the information that interests you.

Phone Bank Callers Needed:

Are you willing to give 2.5 hours of one evening to help encourage Eden Prairie voters to consider decisions that include prioritizing our students and schools? Voters' decisions will influence many aspects of our work with students and the resources available to us as professionals.

We need help to get the message out regarding our endorsed school board candidates and levy items this voting season. You will have a simple script to guide you, an automated dialer system that calls "friendly" voters, and the freedom to do this work from home with modern technology that protects your personal information. Click the button below to sign up for your preferred evening for 2 hours of chatting with the community to strengthen our funding, secure our resources, and set our decision-making body. All resources and training will be provided for this task. Want to make it a party experience? Sign up on the same night with your colleagues, pick a shared location, and let the fun begin! Thank you for "being the union" by volunteering for the phone bank.


Education Minnesota will host its annual convention highlighting both in-person and virtual sessions. For additional information regarding the sessions, Relicensure sessions, keynote speakers, and other logistics of the event, please see the MEA Event page.

Available online for EPEA members are at-your-pace courses for relicensure requirements. Please check the MEA Online section of the website for additional information.

Preschool Negotiations:

Preschool negotiators are still meeting with the district representatives to reach a tentative agreement. As many know, the goal before negotiations began was to aim at compensation and benefits that match those of K-12, Tassel, ECSE, and ECFE educators in EPS. This remains the goal to bring about stability and excellence for our youngest learners.

Please shower your Preschool colleagues with support as they begin the school year with a frozen salary until a ratified contract is accomplished. More to come when additional signs of solidarity are needed from all of EPEA to support our EPPEA brothers and sisters.


Monthly SWAG DAYs are one way to show our unity to our community and one simple way to say "I am the Union."

If you are in need of SWAG, please connect with Dominic Kirkpatrick with the size you prefer (when deciding between 2 sizes, it is recommended to pick the bigger size).

Mark your calendars with future SWAG DAYS: Nov 21, Dec 19, Jan 23, Feb 13, Mar 13, Apr 17, May 22


EPEA is looking for an individual (or a pair of individuals) who would love to be the "party planner" for this year's celebration events. This would include a fall event, a winter event, and our Spring Union Week events. This position would work closely with EPEA President Dominic Kirkpatrick. A stipend is available for the individual(s) who does this work. To show your interest or receive additional information, please contact Dominic Kirkpatrick.


On November 22 we will mark a day to show appreciation for others in our work life. Look for a small token of gratitude to come your way as well as an opportunity to pass on the thanks to others.

Thank you for being the union and supporting each other. As questions or curiosities occur, please reach out to your site representatives as your first stop for support.

In Service,


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