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September 2022 Update #1: September 6

Welcome to the 2022-2023 School Year! Here are a few updates to help you navigate and have a fabulous start to the school year.

Preschool Negotiations:

Preschool negotiators are still meeting with the district representatives to reach a tentative agreement. As many know, the goal before negotiations began was to aim at compensation and benefits that match those of K-12, Tassel, ECSE, and ECFE educators in EPS. This remains the goal to bring about stability and excellence for our youngest learners.

Please shower your Preschool colleagues with support as they begin the school year with a frozen salary until a ratified contract is accomplished. More to come when additional signs of solidarity are needed from all of EPEA to support our EPPEA brothers and sisters.

2022-2023 Salary Schedule

This year's salary schedule contains a "letter system" that presents some confusion related to number of years of service. Pictured to the left in RED script are the years of service equivalent for each salary STEP. As you are reviewing your September 15th payroll check, please verify your "Current Earnings" are accurate based on your elected number of payroll checks. For example, someone with MA and in Year 11 should be placed on the J-MA ($71,499 annual) rate. If this person elected 24 pay periods, the employee should see current earnings of $2,979.13 ($71,499 / 24) per paycheck.

If you see any errors on your EAC paycheck preview, please contact Elise Lieberthal, EPS Business Office.

DUO Security: Multi-factor Authentication

There have been many inquiries regarding the new DUO Security enrollment emails that have been coming which ask staff to enroll their devices for security protection. Many inquiries relate to the need to use a personal device as well as the need to participate. After contacting the Education Minnesota legal department for additional guidance, here is additional information.

* New MN legislation mandates that school districts must implement additional security measures to protect student data

* Employers can make using a personal device for multi-factor authentication a "condition of employment"

With all of that said, conversations with Director of Technology Alex Townsend have garnered collaboration and solutions to the aforementioned concerns.

* Alex Townsend is developing an FAQ with common privacy, data usage, and security information to give more clarify

* The technology department has specific solutions to make DUO Security accessible for everyone's needs

If you would like to explore what solutions are available, please reach out to Alex Townsend.


Monthly SWAG DAYs are one way to show our unity to our community and one simple way to say "I am the Union."

Our first SWAG Day is Monday, September 19th. Wear your EPEA Swag for a chance to win a gift card when spotted by EPEA leadership.

If you are in need of SWAG, please connect with Dominic Kirkpatrick with the size you prefer (when deciding between 2 sizes, it is recommended to pick the bigger size).

Mark your calendars with future SWAG DAYs:

Oct. 24, Nov. 21, Dec. 19, Jan. 23, Feb. 13, Mar. 13, Apr. 17, May 22


On either September 20, 21, or 22, your EPEA Site Representatives will host a 10 minute "Eat and Meet" entitled "Good Donuts, Good Decisions." Participants will be able to hear about candidates and their perspectives on topics pertaining to public education and our work as educators. You will walk away with a yummy treat in your belly and some information to make your good decision at the polls.

Stay tuned for your invite to "Good Donuts, Good Decisions" event at your site.

Early voting begins September 23.


EPEA is looking for an individual (or a pair of individuals) who would love to be the "party planner" for this year's celebration events. This would include a fall event, a winter event, and our Spring Union Week events. This position would work closely with EPEA President Dominic Kirkpatrick. A stipend is available for the individual(s) who does this work. To show your interest or receive additional information, please contact Dominic Kirkpatrick.

September Events:

Below are EPEA events occurring in September. The pink highlighted times are when EPEA President Dominic Kirkpatrick is scheduled to be at your site solely to be a listening ear to anyone who wants to check-in. She will be in the staff lounge at those times. When it comes to EPO/Tassel time, Zoom will be the meeting place. As always, your first line of advocacy rests in your site representatives (listed below).

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