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The Results are In...

Thank you to all who took part in your voting opportunity. The Eden Prairie Education Association is pleased to report the results of the EPEA and the EPPEA Contract Ratification Vote: The 2021-2023 EPEA Contract is RATIFIED: 440 Accept, 6 Reject The 2020-2022 EPPEA Contract is RATIFIED: 15 Accept, 0 Reject Please help make sure our records are accurate: If you have not already updated your site, your FTE, and your shirt size for new EPEA gear, please do so as soon as possible. We will be ordering new T-Shirts soon and want to include you in the fun! Click here to complete the quick update. How do I read the EPEA salary schedule? Annotations have been added to the salary schedule with years and quarter credits to bring a better understanding of where you should find your yearly salary (based on 1.0FTE). See red markings on the chart below. EPEA member thinking of retiring after this year? For those thinking about retirement at the end of this year, here is a recorded webinar (Spring 2021) that covers what happens in terms of insurance and VEBA upon retirement. **A live session about Insurance and VEBA information for those planning or thinking about retirement will be coming in November. Stay tuned for the date/time to be announced.

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